Kitchen Ambush S2:E10 Acie Vincent – The Redneck Chef

Kitchen Ambush

Acie Vincent - Season 2 Episode 10

Kitchen Ambush S2:E10 meets Acie Vincent - The Redneck Chef.
Mark Conway and Vanessa Lane ambushed The Redneck Chef Acie Vincent at Stoley's in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Acie flew out from Florida for this special Ambush. As he is the 2017 World Food Championships Sandwich Champion, Chef Mark and Vanessa surprised him with several secret ingredients including (lamb from Pendulum Fine Meats, Pear Chutney from Speedy's, and swiss cheese, sourdough bread, and multi-colored kale from Commune). Acie had to quickly devise a plan to incorporate all the ingredients into a fantastic dish. What happened? Who prevailed....Chef or ingredient? Watch the full Kitchen Ambush episode to find out!

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