Kitchen Ambush S1:E1 Pendulum Fine Meats

Kitchen Ambush

Pendulum Fine Meats - Season 1 Episode 1


Kitchen Ambush Season 1 Episode 1 went live by ViewItDoIt Kitchen Ink Food's Mark Conway ambushed locally owned restaurant Penndulum Fine Meats with locally produced product Pennacook Peppers Porch Party Pepper Jelly.

Pendulum Fine Meats
Pendulum Fine Meats

A Butcher shop and market located in Norfolk, Va. Nestled in the heart of Ghent they bring products and meat from local farms, using sustainable and humane methods, to the community.

Located in the heart of Ghent, Pendulum Fine Meats developed as the creation of Dylan and Dana Wakefield. Primarily, they wanted to provide the community with a family friendly local butcher from days past. Of course Pendulum  became a place customers can come together to talk, eat, and learn. Furthermore, they encouraged cystomers to ask questions about the farms used and how there animals were raised.  Dylan and Dana seek out local farmers in which animals have been humanely treated using sustainable methods. The Pendulum staff goes above and beyond to find out patrons needs. Then help to exceed those expectations. Undeniably customers will be able to stop in for a multiple purposes. Quick lunches. Picking up the finest cut of meat for dinner. Participating in one of the many classes offered. There will always be something for everyone.

Pennacook Peppers

Pennacook Peppers originated on a porch in a rocking chair among a group of friends during one of their "Porch Parties". Incidentally, a garden gorged with peppers and an idea quickly transitioned itself into Pennacook Purely Pepper Powder. Shortly after Porch Party Salsa and Pepper Jelly were developed. Their products are available for purchase in these locations. To learn more about their story follow this site.

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