4 Friends, 1 Dream, Changing The Future

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Kitchen Ambush - The Beginning

Where did it begin? Good question? We remember all sitting around our dining room table one day. Mark Conway and his wife were talking about their love of local restaurants and their company Kitchen Ink Food, which produced food related events. My husband (Mark Lane) and I (Vanessa Lane) were talking about live streaming and our live broadcasting company ViewItDoIt. Then, it hit us. If we worked together we could probably do some really cool things live broadcasting food related events. We soon hit upon the idea of producing a LIVE cooking show that highlighted the wealth of local talent and ingredients.......and call it: KITCHEN AMBUSH! Were we excited? Absolutely, to say the least. Little did we know where the road would lead in the very near future.

How We Met

So, let's back up. How did we all meet?  Mark Conway and I first met each other in the events industry at a networking event for the International Live Events Association. Months later our paths crossed again as my husband and I live streamed their fantastic Star Wars inspired wedding at Harbor Park, a local Norfolk, VA baseball stadium. It was at this moment that our fates were to be intertwined for good. They had us at "Star Wars!"

What Came next - Kitchen Ambush, the Future

Once we agreed to the four of us producing Kitchen Ambush, a LIVE cooking show pushed straight to social media, then all the work began. You see, video is the wave of the future and with LIVE technology, anything can happen. Gone on the days of retakes. Gone are the days editing. It is all LIVE and unscripted. Raw! People sometimes ask us, "Well what if the place catches on fire?" Then we will live stream the fire department rolling in. So what did we do? We formed our company and started researching and learning how to make a truly portable tv show. From investing in new technology, creating a website, to making business cards, and more, we jumped 100% into Kitchen Ambush literally overnight. What was the response? A wonderful welcoming community of people wanting to learn more about local food and products.

So Who are We Really - The Kitchen Ambush team

So who are we really? Kitchen Ambush is a production company that produces live streaming tv shows. Our system is designed to be portable so that we can go inside the kitchen or event. With our setup, we can broadcast live from almost anywhere. We bring everything with us, including our own internet access. We can even go live from the middle of a field. But who are we? Well, all I can say is we call ourselves, Dr. Technology, Hair Flip Specialist, Invisible Ginger, and The Force. Check out our next blog to learn more! Hahaha!



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