Kitchen Ambush S1:E2 Wasserhund Brewing Company

Kitchen Ambush

Wasserhund Brewing Company - Season 1 Episode 2


Kitchen Ambush Season 1 Episode 2 broadcast live By ViewItDoItKitchen Ink Food's Mark Conway ambushed locally owned Brewery Wasserhund Brewing Company in Virginia Beach, VA with locally made product Speedy's Bloody Mary Mix.

Wasserhund Brewing Company

Wasserhund Brewing Company has given the community an insight into German beer culture. All while welcoming family and friends for a great dining experience. Predominantly they create high-quality ales and lagers that can only be matched by their, made to order, brick oven artisan pizza.  Accordingly for an overall well rounded German experience, order the beer made sausages with sauerkraut.

Speedy's Hot Sauce

Jimmy, of Speedy's Hot Sauce, searched and found a means to not to work for “the man”. Above all he opts for enjoying life and considers one of life’s goal to be have fun. To emphasize the versatility of his product he promotes recipes that use them. Not only does Jimmy manufacture his exquisite hot sauce he delights in it as well. Likewise if customers wish to purchase Speedy's products they can buy it at his store in Virginia Beach,VA as well as here.


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