Kitchen Ambush S1:E5 Esoteric

Kitchen Ambush

Esoteric - Season 1 Episode 5


Live by ViewItDoIt​ with Mark Conway​ of Kitchen Ink Food​ episode 5 of Kitchen Ambush​ at locally owned restaurant Esoteric​.  Chef Brian Wegener was ambushed with locally produced product Butter Brothers Sriracha Butter


Tim and Kristina Chastain opened Esoteric not only because of their passion for the art of food and for rare craft beers, but because they wanted to spark a movement of community and sustainability. Above all, if you want to truly celebrate food, Esoteric is where you come. Ultimately, a place to entice your senses, to empower, and to spark conversation. Presently, Esoteric is on the Virginia Beach Historical Registry and located in the new Arts and Culture District.  Esoteric has its own green space in order to grow much of their own food and promote environmental conscientious.

Chef  Brian Wegener

Chef Brian Wegener started his cooking career four years ago working in Virginia Beach restaurants Esoteric, Eurasia, and Burton's Grill. Remarkably The Virginia Pilot wrote an article featuring him elaborating on his creative background and early years in the kitchen. Suitably, supporting his local community became a large part of his lifestyle. Currently, in the early mornings he visits local farms to gather ingredients that to use in distinctive dishes. In addition, he frequents local Farmers Markets to stock his shelves with locally produced products and encourages others to sample what this area has to offer. His menus change with the growing seasons adding a taste of home to every bite.

The Butter Brothers

The Butter Brothers dreamed of creating something big; a feat that would aid the world, adding convenience for others. For nearly 10 years, they had always conceptualized a plethora of potential and off the wall ideas. Subsequently, neither of them had attained a moment in their lives where their dreams could come to fruition. Simultaneously, The Butter Brothers pronounced 2017 would be their year to start focusing on their aspirations.  From here on they have created a variety of flavors i.e. Pumpkin Spice, Old Bay, Sriracha, Salted Caramel, Garlic Herb, Cinnamon Sugar, Honey Vanilla, and Lemon Pepper. These can buy this product online here.

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